Anointed Peruvian Cajon Drums

Handcrafted Cajon Drums

Nothing can compare to the sound of "Real" wood in the percussion scene. These drums are handcrafted with care and precision. My specific design and tuning of this already up and coming unique drum, has created a sound widely cherished here in the small community of Yakima, Washington.

Cajon drums are becoming a favorite with the "Acoustic" generation rising among us, and my goal is to equip this new generation with a sound like no other and the skills to do it with style. In the coming months, I plan to incorporate "How To" videos for the new user of this beautiful, stylistic piece of percussion.

Carl Likes The Drum!

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Using Microphones With AP

Here is a Lower Quality Video with a sweet ambient sound

Sweet Video From 52nd Street Productions Studio

Just a drum and voices

Jadon Lavik @ Westside Church